The Cashmere

Our cashmere knitwear is made with the yarns collections of the most exclusive spinning mills, Biagioli, Loro Piana and Cariaggi

Our Selection

  • Duequarantasei By Cariaggi: Precious ultra-light cashmere, soft to the touch, ideal for light weight sweaters. To make a light weight sweater we use about 11 km of yarn.

  • 2/27 by Loro Piana and 2/28 by Biagioli: the classic cashmere, extremely soft, ideal for knits of various weights, from light single-ply to multi-ply. To make a medium weight knit we use about 9 km of yarn.

  • Coarsehair by Loro Piana: a soft cashmere yarn in melange colors, ideal for warm sweaters. To make a pullover of medium waight we use about 5 Km.

Not all cashmere is the same

Cashmere is the underfleece of Capra hircus, which acts as an insulating layer to protect the animal from thermal excursions between day and night, for this reason the best cashmere, the same we use to make our sweaters, comes from the desert of China. and from the highlands of Mongolia, where temperature variations are greatest.


Only 150 grams of fiber are obtained from each goat and about 4 goats are needed to make a medium weight sweater, which is why quality cashmere is so precious.


We buy 100% cashmere yarns directly from the most exclusive Italian spinning mills that work it in various weights and finenesses so as to adapt it to all seasons.

Discover our exclusive Made to Order service

A selection of 26 colors, 100% cashmere yarn, from 3 of the most renowned Italian spinning mills: Loro Piana, Biagioli and Cariaggi.

Our 1-ply cashmere sweaters are thick woven, the Crewnecks, V-necks and Turtlenecks weight is circa 300 grams. A technique used by artisans of excellence, which makes the sweater, not only extremely precious, but also qualitatively superior, to create durable product.

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