The Cashmere

Our cashmere knitwear is made with the yarns collections of the most exclusive spinning mills, Biagioli, Loro Piana and Cariaggi

Our Selection

  • Duequarantasei By Cariaggi: Precious ultra-light cashmere, soft to the touch, ideal for light weight sweaters. To make a light weight sweater we use about 11 km of yarn.

  • 2/27 by Loro Piana and 2/28 by Biagioli: the classic cashmere, extremely soft, ideal for knits of various weights, from light single-ply to multi-ply. To make a medium weight knit we use about 9 km of yarn.

  • Coarsehair by Loro Piana: a soft cashmere yarn in melange colors, ideal for warm sweaters. To make a pullover of medium waight we use about 5 Km.