From the artisan directly to you without middlemen

 We thought the online as our small boutique that overlooks the world


The web allows us to combine tradition with innovation, getting directly to you.

Reducing all the costs of the traditional supply chain, that raise the price, we can focus only on uncompromised quality, and offer it to you at the right price.

However we are first of all artisans and terms as "e-commerce", "online store" don't fit in with us, we are used to being close with our customers, before, during and after the purchase, we want to talk with them, we want to understand what they are looking for, but above all we want that they are satisfied.  

 Our mission is not to sell you a sweater, but it is to ensure that you think us every time you want to buy ones.  

Here it is how we try to make your esperience special with us, while you are comfortably sitting on your sofa.

01. Offer an high quality product, letting you save money

From us you pay less than half, compared to a similar quality pullover sold through the usual channels

We will never stop to repeat it: with us you save all the costs of traditional distribution. Traditional brands must choose whether to focus on pure quality, making it accessible to a few, or reducing quality to contain costs and to avoid that the final price goes up too much. We do not have to recognize commissions to agents or showrooms, we do not have distributors who resell the product at a higher price, we do not work with multi-brand stores that raise the price, this allows us to focus only on quality: a pullover of similar quality, made with the same yarns, the same passages by hand, the same quality controls, but sold through the traditional distribution chain, in the store would cost more than the double.

02. Maximum trasparency

All passages are made in Italy

We perfectly know the histrory of our product, and we tell it to you as it is
- We only work with Italian spinners.
-The study of the models, the development of the product and all processes are carried out internally in our workshop in Umbria.
-Labels are made in Italy and sewn by hand.
-The packaging is also studied and produced in Italy.
We follow all the production cycle of our products, because we think that this is the only way to create a product of excellence 100% Made in Italy

03. Exceptional service

We try to offer a hassle-free shopping experience

To give you the possibility to see our quality first hand, we offer free returns or exchanges for any reason in Italy, EU, Switzerland, Norway , Liechtestein, Monaco, USA, Canada. Customer service is made up people who work with us, and who share our same passion, they know the product very well even at the technical level, and they are ready to answer to your all questions. We will be happy to follow you before, during and after your purchase, and please do not hesitate to contact us, for any reason, it will be always a pleasure sharing your experience with us, and advice you, it is part of our DNA of Italian artisans.

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