An idea that comes from passion for
Italian artisan quality 

How the idea is born

After having worked for many years in the luxury knitwear, we have realized that the steps of the usual distribution chain increase costs significantly, making the quality too expensive. 

Hence our idea to create high quality Italian product with the right price. 

Where we make

We leave Milan to get to the heart of Umbria.

Umbria has always been the most important Italian district for knitwear of excellence, here some of the most prestigious Italian brands are born.

The master knitters handed down this art from father to son from generation to generation. The passion for this ancient craft is to be felt in every corner, in cafés, in squares it is easy to run across conversations about yarns and knitting. Here, our collaboration with a family of master craftsmen starts, to transmit their tradition and their passion directly to you.

The style

What we make is what represents us, identifies us and distinguishes us. With this philosophy we create our collection, offering a style that recalls the Milanese appeal and the Umbrian tradition at the same time, inspired by the Italian glamour of Dolce Vita, and destined to the man who loves a timeless style, far from fashion, and values the uncompromised quality.

What Bottegiani means for us

Bottegiani is not just a name, but it is the union of the two words that best represent our world: bottega (workshop) and artigiani (artisans).

We are not a brand, we are artisans, who, in their workshop, every day,  create with their own hands, as they used to do in the past. We try to transmit our passion, our tradition and our knowledge through the care, sometimes almost maniacal, for each detail, finished by hand, with the aim to create something of value and special that will last a lifetime. 

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