A limited edition of our Nuvola V-neck made with exclusive pure cashmere yarns

Systema Natvrae by Cariaggi.


Made to Order:

The sweaters are made to order and they will be crafted within 10 days from the purchase, once the availability of the yarn is over it will no longer be possible to order them.

Limited edition

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SYSTEMA NATVRAE® is the pièce of résistance of Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection, it is the result of a long research and development project to dye cashmere.  Systema Natvrae colors are exclusively obtained from medicinal herbs, flowers, leaves, berries and roots that can be used as dyes. This is genuine, "slow" dyeing, a procedure from days gone by that has beem made contemporary, modern and technological. The end result is a unique and unconventional color palette inspired by the tapestries of the 16th century and by the many masterpieces of Italian textile art. The handcrafted quality that is achieved, the uniqueness and chromatic beauty of the dyes and the vibrant and harmonious reflection of light on the yarn are all intrinsic features of SYSTEMA NATVRAE® cashmere making it even more recognisable, authentic and exclusive.





From an agronomic research on the Woad in Italy, curated by Massimo Baldini of the Museum of Natural Colors in Lamoli, and thanks also to historical documents, the knowledge on the cultivation of ancient dyeing plants has been recovered, they had been used since the times of the ancient Romans and in the Middle Ages.

In 2008, the Oasicolori cooperative was established by the will of Massimo Baldini, with the aim of introducing natural dyes in the textile and manufacturing sector. This is where the collaboration between Oasicolori and Cariaggi was born to support the development of the vegetable dyes supply chain.

Cariaggi di Cagli, a spinning mill in the Marche region, specializing in the processing of cashmere, has included the Woad and other dyeing plants within its "Systema Natvrae" line. Systema Naturae takes back this technique of the past of true, "slow" dyeing, where each process is unique and unrepeatable, representing an example of the company's important green commitment, as well as Made in Italy excellence...

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