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V-neck in pure SYSTEMA NATVRAE® cashmere. We call it cloud (Nuvola) because the distance between the needles is greater than that normally used to make knits of this weight. This makes it extremely light and soft, just like a cloud.Due to the rarity of this yarn, in this color we are able to make only 8 sweaters, after which the product can no longer be ordered


Lightweight sweater ideal for all seasons, both under a heavy jacket in winter, and for summer evenings outdoors.

Woad Nuvola V-Neck 100% Cashmere

  • The Woad, or Isatis Tinctoria, has a place of excellence among dyeing plants, it was popular throughout Europe until the 17th century, where it was used to colour fabrics and to decorate books, and used by many painter as Piero della Francesca in their painting. Since the 14th century, it has been the only colouring agent able to create shades ranging from blue through to a light blue of the highest quality, both in colour terms and also of its fastness to light and wear resistance. For these characteristics it was called "blue gold". Over the centuries, the Woad was then replaced by Indigo, which had the advantage of having a simpler and cheaper extraction method. It returned to use with Napoleon, who chose it to dye the uniforms of his army, as its extreme versatility made it suitable for dyeing all types of fabrics, from the most modest to the most refined.

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